Not Can't Pay.. Won't Pay

For the last several years, and I mean several, a young child has been denied a modicum of financial support, allocated by law, to be paid, as support, by his mother, through the CMS.
The child in question, as you can ascertain from the sentence above is a young man, who has, over the period in question, had a relationship with his mother to the extent that court proceedings were undertaken, by the mother, at the expense of the taxpayer I might add, to secure additional contact. Although a slight ammendment to the contact order was implemented, the mother then chose to negate that by chosing her new partner over said child. So, a complete waste of taxpayers money, to say the least, occurred.
I might add at this juncture that mother was questioned by Social Services, post slight ammendment, as to an incidence of physical assault by her new partner on her son, yet she chose to abandon her relationship with her son and instead bestow all her trust and love in her new partner... Strange that you would spend all the taxpayers money actually fighting for something that you had no real committment or belief in, or so it seems. Maybe a FREE service contributes to mothers decision making ???
Now, during the period that we are discussing, said mother has maintained a sporadic history of employment. Mostly one of evading paying tax and N.I. so that the CMS cannot allocate the young man in question his rightful support. This from a mother who professed, to a magistrates bench, her commitment